All of our appetizers are made fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients

Antipasto Platter Assortment of Italian meats, cheeses, boiled egg, and peppercini 7.95

Brushcetta Garlic Bread baked with sun dried tomato, fresh tomato, and mozzarella cheese 5.95

 Baked Clams Half dozen clams baked with a light garlic butter topping 6.95

Oysters Rockefellar A Del Debbio’s favorite! Half shell oysters baked in cream, spinach, and herbs6.95, Raw 1.00 ea

Fried Calamari One of Del Debbio’s most popular appetizers! 8.95

Mozzarella Cheese and Herb Loaf  Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil 7.95

Chicken Vesuvio Wings One of Del Debbio’s most popular appetizers! Sauteed in galic, wine and rosemary 7.95

9” Pizza topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, and sausage 5.95

9” Capro Pizza Topped with imported goat cheese, pine nuts, italian Procuitto ham and chopped tomato 8.95

Grilled Portobella Mushroom  Sautéed with sun dried tomato, leeks, olive oil, white wine and garlic 5.95

Try one of Del Debbio’s favorite homemade ranch, blue cheese, or creamy garlic dressing!

Cuneo Wedge of Lettuce A Del Debbio’s favorite!  Lettuce wedge topped with homemade creamy blue cheese dressing, chopped tomato, and crumbled Italian gorgonzola cheese 4.95

Grilled Chicken Cesare Salad  Marinated boneless breast tossed with romaine lettuce and homemade croutons 9.95

Spinach E Aglio Sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic 2.95

Della Casa Bacon, boiled egg, pine nuts, and seasoned vegetables over garden greens with your choice of dressing 7.95

House Salad  With your choice of dressing 1.95