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Serving Appetizers and h'orderves, Sandwiches, Pasta, Lasagne and Raviolis, Salads, Entrees, and Dessert

Appetizers and h'orderves  

Bruschetta~ Galic Toast with choice of toppings: Mozzarella, tomato and sundried tomato OR Imported goat cheese, pesto, and artichoke heart OR Italian Gorganzola cheese, chopped tomato, and balsamic vinegrette      25 pc 20.95

Chicken Wings: Vesuvio, Bar.B.Que or Hot wings 25 pc 18.95

Cocktail Meatballs: Bar.B.que or Sweet and Sour 50 oc 39.95

Antipasto Platter: Italian Meats and Cheese~serves 20 75.00

Fresh Vegetable Platter~Serves 20 29.95

Fresh Fruit Platter~Serves 20 49.95

Assorted Cheese Platter: Mozzarella, Swiss, Gorganzola, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack~ Served with crackers and cocktail bread Serves 20 59.95

Stuffed Mushrooms~Filled with crab meat and topped with a creamy bisque sauce 40 pc 45.95

Hot Artichoke Dip~Served with crakers and cocktail bread~Serves 20 18.95

Whole Smoked Salmon~Served with cocktail bread, onions, capers, and lemons 149.00

Watermelon Basket~Filled with assorted fruit 99.95

Clams, Oysters, Calamari, Shrimp, Pizza, Garlic Bread, Mozzarella Herb Loaf, Antipasto Salad and more also available.  Please talk to Kathy or Paul for requested items.  See the dinner menu for more ideaas.


Italian Beef Sanwiches *A Del Debbio Favorite with Paul's special Chianti Sauce!~Served with Au Jus or Chianti Sauce~Sweet and hot peppers available~Serves 20 69.95

Chicken Ceasar Wraps 4.95 per

One Footer Italian Submarine Sandwich 6.95 per

Pasta and More

Mostaciolli, Spaghetti, or Lingiuni served with Marinara, Bolognese Meat Sauce, or Aglioli~Large Pan serves up to 30 42.95 or choose a 1/2 pan 29.95

Lasagne~Large pan serves 15-24 79.95 or choose 1/2 pan 42.95

Pasta Primavera~With fresh vegetables and marinara~Large pan serves up to 30 69.95 or choose a 1/2 pan 39.95

Ravioli~Choice of Cheese, Meet or Spinach ravioli filled with cheese 12 pc 9.95

Grilled Italian Sausage 1.85 per

Garden Salad with vinegarette, bread and butter 1.59 per

Entrees and Sides

Beef Braciole~thinly sliced sirlion rolled and filled with Italian sausage, herbs, and mushrooms with Chianti gravy 10 pc 29.95

Chicken~ Herb Roasted, Fried, Vesuvio, or Cacatori 12pc 19.95

Boneless Breast of Chicken Marsala, Herb or Parmigiano 3.50 ea

Kabobs~With grilled vegetables~Chicken 3.50 ea or Beef 4.50 ea

Crispy Quartered Vesuvio Potatoes 4pc per order 1.40 per

Herbed Rice 1.40 per

Sauteed Vegetables 1.40 per


Mini Cannoli  1.95 ea

Dessert Platter~Cream puffs, brownies, and assorted cookies